Monroe Renters Insurance

Monroe Renters Insurance

***Proof of Renters Insurance is required of Monroe Residents.***
(Renters insurance is not required for Sunvilla Residents.)

You will need to upload a copy of their proof of insurance. The policy needs to cover the entire length of your housing contract.

Common questions your insurance company may ask:
-Is the roof pitched or flat? Pitched
-Is the roof made of composition shingle or what? Asphalt
-How old is the roof? August 2010
-How many "units" are in Monroe? 42
-Are the exterior walls made of brick or siding? It's 35% metal siding, 30% stucco, and 35% brick.
-How old is the building? Monroe was built in August 2010
-How many smoke detectors are in each unit? One in each bedroom, and every corridor has one.
-Is there a deadbolt lock on the exterior door of the unit? Yes
-Is the heat electric or gas? Electric
-Is the closest fire station 5 miles or fewer away? Yes
-Is the closest fire hydrant 1,000 feet or less away? Yes
-What is the square footage of the apartment? The average 4 person apartment square footage is 1295. For other types, call our office.
-Is there an alarm system (locally or centrally monitored)? Yes

How much coverage do you need? This is for you to discuss with your insurance provider, regarding the amount of belongings you plan to have in the apartment.

Any additional questions can be directed to our Residence Life Office at 417-836-5536.