MSU Explores... 2021 | Information & Evaluation

MSU Explores... 2021 | Information & Evaluation

Hello! Thank you for wanting to be part of something bigger than yourself. "MSU Explores..." is a reimagining of a previous event known as Tunnel of Oppression that is being transformed into a diverse series of events addressing issues that affect our communities and society at-large.


This website serves two purposes:

1) Page 1: provides detailed event information for each of the 5 topics chosen for this year.

2) Page 2: serves as an evaluation tool for us to gather feedback and improve future MSU Explores... events. It also helps us track attendance and can serve as proof of your own attendance if this counts as a requirement for a class, scholarship, or organization.

JUST ATTENDED AN EVENT? If you are ready to evaluate/sign-in that you attended an event, scroll to the bottom of this page and advance to Page 2. Thank you for being here!